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Rome Hotels Finder 
A selected guide to Rome's hotels, apartments, bed and breakfasts, etc. Direct contact with the hotel without intermediaries, this means guaranteed savings!

It is an interactive touristic guide of Rome. Thanks to its map of the city you can visit its monuments, museums, hotels, restaurants, and all the other resources that Rome offers.

APT Provincia di Roma 
Official website of the Roma Province's Tourist Board: info, accommodations, events, news, contacts, etc.

As the Romans Do 
It is a cultural association that offers customized guided tours, corporate travel retreats, seminars in Rome and Italy.

It is a Portal about Atac: Agency for the transports public transport of the Common one of Rome. (Site in italian only)

It is a Portal about Rome.... (Site in italian only)

It is a Portal about Rome: hotels, apartments and walking tours guide.

It is a new service for kids, parents and teachers. We have lots of information, all specially written for middle school students by experienced university professors.

Holiday in Rome 
We offer free reservation services for hotels, hostels, tours, restaraunts, and other activies in the city as well as all the important information you need to make your trip an enjoyable one.

Il Portale di Roma 
An Entire Portal about Rome: info, news, contacts...

InfoRoma per Roma 
A Portal about Rome: info, news and contacts... (Site in italian only) 
A useful Portal about Rome: info, news, contacts... (Site in italian only)

Italia OnLine 
A Portal about Rome: info, news,contacts, accomodation.... (Site in italian only)

Roma 2000 
This site is born to give information to tourists on the services and artistic heritage of Rome.

Roma Antiqua 
It is a Portal about Rome: here you can find an alphabetical index of all Monumente... (Site in German only)

Roma For You 
It is a commercial intelligence agency in order to find, to estimate and to choose the best ones produced. (Site in italian only)

Roma in Web 
A Portal on Rome: magazine of information, culture, free time... (Site in italian only)

Roma OnLine 
A Portal about Rome: info, news, contacts...(Site in italian only)

A complete portal about the city of Roma: info, events, tour operator...

The selected Rome hotels are the ideal solution for those of you that like to personally plan and book your own vacation by allowing you to choose the best Rome hotels at the lowest prices available.

It is happy  to accompany you in a virtual tour  in the eternal city. A tourist guide where find the pleasures and the particularities that this beautiful Rome knows how to offer. 
An entire portal about Rome where you will find an on-line Tourist Guide. Thanks to it you will be able to discover the principal artistic monuments of Rome, the capital of Italy, illustrated by photographs.

Rome 4 U 
A useful portal to find accomodations in Rome...

Rome Hotels 
It ntroduces You a directory of Hotels Alberghi and Bed and Breakfast in Rome and one interesting series of link for Yours permanence.

Rome Tour 
It is a Portal about Rome: guide to Roman Holidays, vacations in Rome,  historical holidays, roman art, travel, tourism...

A Portal about Rome: info, news, contacts, accomodations, tourism...

A Portal about Rome: info, news, entertainment, guided tours...

Torre Argentina 
This is a virtual Newspaper about the cat sanctuary and is updated two times a year. If you are in Rome, we invite you to visit our world famous cat sanctuary so you can meet our cats personally.

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