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An Entire Portal about Turin and its territory: info, news, contacts, events. This portal is available only in italian.

Alpe Ciamporino - San Domenico 
Ski resort in the Italian Alps: ski runs and wide areas for alpine ski, snowboard, ski mountaineering.

Alpe Veglia 
Indipendent Portal all about Alpe Veglia Natural Park, San Domenico, Alpe Ciamporino, Cairasca Valley, Varzo: mountain, sports, nature, fun and peace in the heart of Lepontine Alps ...

Comune Chiomonte 
Official Website of the Chiomonte Municipal Authorities (Turin): info, contacts, news (Site in italian only)

Torino Informa 
An Entire Portal about Torino: info, news, contacts, events.

An Entire Portal about Turin.... (Site in italian only)

Turismo Torino 
Official Website of theTurin Tourist Board: info, news and events.

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Albergo Castiglione Cuneo

Palazzo Paleologi Lu Monferrato

Albergo Belvedere Lake Maggiore

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