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Hotel Alesi 
All the rooms are provided with the best comfort.

Hotel Garden 
In a panoramic, peaceful, light and sunny location, surrounded by a vast park only 150 m from the lake and in a very central position.Located at the village of Garda.

Hotel Ristorante Galvani 
We are happy to have you as our guests, in this natural paradise, helping you to know the beauties of this zone, the hospitality of Hotel Galvani and all the best things that Italian tradition can offer.

Hotel Villa Madrina 
It s situated in a panoramic and quite location. Located at the village of Garda.

Park Hotel Querceto 
tuated at the top of the Panoramic Road on the slopes of Monte Baldo, a few steps from the intermediate aerial cableway station that just 10 minutes carries you to the top of Monte Baldo.

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