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Istituto Olandese 
The Dutch Institute to Rome is a interuniversitaria institution for the instruction and the scientific search in the field of the history, of the history of the art and archaeology. (Site in italian and dutch)

The LUMSA has didactic, scientific, administrative, organizational and disciplinary autonomy, in the limits of the enforced norm in matter. It has the scope of: to contribute to the development of the scientific search and to the deepening of the studies. (Site in italian only)

Pontificia UniversitÓ Gregoriana 
In 1551 S. Ignazio situated to the stratums of the Campidoglio, in " the Way Capitolina " (today Public square of Aracoeli) the first school of the Jesuit fathers with annexed the first library and was called College Roman. (Site in italian only)

UniversitÓ degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza 
Official web site of the Rome University La Sapienza.

UniversitÓ degli Studi RomaTre 
The Athenaeum young than Rome is hour the second of the Capital for dimension (student, personal population, spaces). Rome Three is proposed also like active subject of culture in the city and international the academic scene. (Site in italian only)

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