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About Tuscany

The Man who Stole the Mona Lisa

Some say the motive was to take her back to Italy, to her home in Florence, others say it was for love and still others for money but the fact is that one day...

Florence combines tradition and modern times

When you reach Florence by train you will get a truly unique experience...

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Hotels and lodgings

Hotels and lodgings

You can choose from all types of accommodation in Siena: depending on your needs and your budget, choose from staying in a luxurious or discreet place in the city center or in the wonderful surrounding area.
If you prefer to choose excellent service combined with the comfort of being a few steps from the old city center, you can choose one of the several hotels in Siena, from five stars downwards, some of which also have excellent fitness and health centers, or you can stay in a cheaper Siena bed & breakfast place.
If you intend to stay in the city for a mid-long term and you are traveling with the whole family, why not rent an apartment in Siena?
If you want to stay close to Nature, you can also choose to stay in one of the several country farmhouses in Chianti, and if instead you want to return to the past, we recommend one of Siena’s historical residences, or a Medieval village, or a Relais di Charme in the Siena hills.

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