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  • The Almond Blossom Festival, in February
    This event takes place during the first half of February, in the breathtaking Valley of the Temples in Agrigento. The celebrations include costumed parades, shows, and concerts.
    For many years, The Almond Festival has been supported by the International Folklore Festival (or Ethnic Almond Festival), a competition between folklore groups divided into three categories: dance, traditional costumes, and music. Through the years, the festival has attained international renown, bringing together folklore groups from around the world who come to Agrigento to promote and preserve their own popular traditions.

  • The Carnival of Sciacca, in February
    The Carnival of Sciacca is one of the most famous in Sicily and Italy for the sumptuousness of its allegorical wagons.
    The main event of the Carnival is the parade of allegorical wagons, which takes place every day from Saturday to Tuesday. The most unique part of the Carnival is the wagon of "Peppe Nappa", the King of the Carnival of Sciacca. From his wagon comes the traditional distribution of candies, wine, and sausage to the crowd, prepared in the back end of the wagon. The evening of Fat Tuesday, the end of the event, the pyre of Peppe Nappa is started: everyone gathers around the King, throwing thousands of carnival hammers on the flaming puppet.

  • The Festival of San Calogero, in July
    San Calogero, the "Black Saint", is certainly the most loved by the Agrigenti. The festivities last for 8 days, from the first to the second Sunday in July.
    It is difficult to describe this festival in the usual terms it unites mysticism, ancient traditions and profound Christian faith, radiating an energy that is difficult to describe. The festival culminates with the procession of sacred figures of the Saint, accompanied by the sounds of the tambourine, recalling the ancient Arab presence on the island. One characteristic of the festival is the preparation of typical bread loafs, with sesame seeds and fennel, which are thrown before the saint's cart in the procession, as dictated by tradition.

  • Blues & Wine Soul Festival, in July
    The Blues & Wine Soul Festival is a big wine and music event, three phenomenal days dedicated to the biggest stars from abroad, in the heart of the Valley of the Temples archeological park.
    The event joins together the best blues, soul, and gospel with the tasting of Sicilian wines. While the Hammonds and guitars of some of the biggest international blues & soul artists vibrate onstage, the best vintners of Sicily and of Italy present their own products, and professional sommeliers guide the public in wine tastings.
    By day, educational visits are organized in the wineries, as well as conferences on safeguarding the environment and viticulture.

  • Pirandello Week, in December
    International convention of Pirandello studies. An event articulated by themes ranging from literature to cinema to theatre, and with a unique structure employing schools from 30 provinces. Students assemble in Agrigento for the conference, with time to make visits to the places Pirandello lived, worked, and visited. This event is organized by the National Center for the Study of Pirandello. The Center was founded in 1967 with the aim of promoting international encounters between critics and students, and the collection of all testimonials to the work of Luigi Pirandello.

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