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About Italy

Immerse oneself in the Eternal City
The cradle of western civilization and the heart of Christianity, Rome is the city with most masterpieces in the world...

Discover Venice with us!
The Hotel Torino is situated in the heart of Venice, near the luxurious boutiques of Calle XXII Marzo and just a one minute's walk from the spectacular St. Mark's Square...

Exploring Venezia's hidden treasures

Travelplan takes you to a little-known Venice, on the traces of ancient foreign communities from centuries past...

How to use

If you’re thinking of organising a trip or vacation to Italy and you’d like to take advantage of all the opportunities offered by Internet, is a portal dedicated to tourism in Italy. Its purpose is to become a unique and indispensable instrument for those who want to surf the Net to get tourist and cultural information on Italy. The unique feature of is the way it combines a directory structure - consisting of 128 categories with almost 150 localities and a series of detailed historical and artistic guides – with a special search engine.

1. High-quality touring information;
2. Thousands of links to the sector’s Web sites with facilitated link search;
3. Bookings, on-line purchasing, and tools for communication with the companies involved.

1. High-quality touring information can provide you with numerous touring guides to the Italian regions and the leading tourism destinations that have been published with assistance from the Italian national and local tourism promotion institutions.
These guides are enriched with thousands of links to touring activity Web sites complete with descriptions and divided by category and area; inside these divisions, the links selected by our editors have been ordered according to the quality of the site. At the top of the search result, you’ll find those with the best quality rating. An optional data sheet positioned at the side of the link called Quick Info, summarises all the most important information on the tourism activity and provides all the tools you’ll need to contact the companies: post and e-mail addresses, photos, descriptions, chatting, special offers, and on-line sales and booking. Last but not least, a constantly-updated section of all the latest news and feature articles informs you of all the most important events and the most interesting news, recommended itineraries, and the opening of new touring activities in the area you select. In addition to the contextualised web travel directory, web surfing with the touring guides also offers the display of personalised content for the area of interest (About, featured, banner)

The general appraisal is based on the following criteria:
  • Correct architecture
  • Attractive graphics
  • Valid content
  • Number of languages available
  • Booking and sales procedures

2. Facilitated link search (Travel Search Tools)
In order to help you navigate around the guides and find the links that interest you most with the greatest ease and efficacy, there are 2 simple search systems

a) You can start by selecting the main category of interest (e.g. Lodging) and then proceed by geographical area (Select by Regions & Areas or Select by Cities & Resorts) and sub-category (e.g. Apartment & Villas) or start first with the sub-category (e.g. Apartment & Villas) and then proceed by geographical area.

Main category/geographical area/sub-category
Main category/sub-category/geographical area

b) Choose either a Top destination, a Region Guide or a City Guide from the sky-blue drop-down menus. These drop-down menus contain Regions or Cities that also have their own guides. You can access the generic directory for the area selected from each of these by clicking on the link Web Directory “place name”.

All the links are composed of the title, a connection to the Web site and the Quick Info data sheet (when necessary), and the Web Travel Directory reference category.

3. Book and buy on-line
In addition to being a valid search tool, is also a reliable and easy-to-use on-line booking and buying instrument; in fact, you can book lodging and purchase typical Italian products from both each page of the portal and from inside the Quick Info data sheet. For greater support to user and company communication, there are special offers, price-lists, and on-line chatting for special requests and customer satisfaction. The following tools are directly managed by the companies and no brokerage fees are charged:

- [Book on line] is a service for more skilful and demanding Web surfers who need guaranteed availability and real time replies.

- [Special Offers] every tourism structure autonomously submits its promotional offers to the direct inspection of potential clients.

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Netplan srl
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Via delle Industrie 17/A - 30175 Venezia Marghera - Italia
Tel. +39.041.5095001 | Fax +39.041.5322599 is owned by netplan®, Italy’s first company specialised in creating on-line communication projects for businesses that operate in the tourism industry.

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