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Ischia's best beaches

Our Ischia guide has prepared a tour of the best beaches for you that allows you to travel right around the island starting from the borough of Ischia. We recommend you choose two or three of our stop-off points and stay in one of the several hotels on Ischia to enjoy the sun and the sea with no rush. It would be best if you traveled by car: from Naples you can take a ferry to the island, or you can hire a car when you get to Ischia. You could also hire a scooter or a motorbike, so you have no parking problems.
  • Lido di Ischia
    This is just a short walk from the center and has several sandy beaches divided by rocks and pine forests. the most famous beach is the “Spiaggia dei Pescatori” that stretches out from Ischia Porto to Ischia Ponte.
  • Cartaromana beach - Ischia
    This beach is between the Castello Aragonese and the Sant’Anna cliffs. The beautiful beach also offers one of the best views of the island. Cartaromana is well-known for its natural hot thermal water springs that spill out on the shore, allowing tourists to swim in the sea in winter too.
  • Marina dei Maronti - Barano
    The beach at Maronti is 3 km long and can be reached by taking a charming panoramic road that starts in Barano and descends towards the sea. Another great way to reach the beach is to use a water taxi from the picturesque port of Sant’Angelo. The beach at Maronti is the largest on the island; it is full of thermal springs, natural spas and fumaroles.
  • Citara beach - Forio
    This beach is at the foot of Epomeo, and is one of the most popular on the island. the crystal-clear water that laps the beach mixes with the thermal water spas in several points, allowing you to bathe in the sea and reap the benefit of thermal water at the same time.
  • Baia di San Montano – Lacco Ameno
    This unusual beach, closed in between Mount Vico and Mount Zaro, has unique characteristics compared to the island’s other beaches. The clear sea water is very hot and the water is extremely shallow.

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