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  • Effetto Venezia is the most important summer festival, it takes place during the first days of August amidst the canals, squares and bridges of Venezia Nuova. The event includes many initiatives which animate the quarter: stalls of artisans and collectors, street performers, acrobats, exhibits and charming boat rides in the canals.
  • "Accademia Navale e Città di Livorno" Trophy - end of April. A various category sailboat race held in the sea in front of the Navy Academy. The race has increased in size and now involves competitors from all over the world, with an average of 500 crews. Performances, exhibits and concerts accompany the event for the entire week.
  • Palio Marinaro is Livorno's main rowing race. The Palio Marinaro is raced the second Sunday in July in the sea in front of Terrazza Mascagni. The city's quarters challenge each other for the prize on 10 oar "gozzi", typical 10 meter boats. The event concludes with the award ceremony for the crews and a great city party.
  • Risi'atori Cup Another rowing race between quarters reserved for boats with 10 to 4 oars. The race is held the second Sunday of June and recalls the races between the old dock workers who tried to win the right to unload ships entering the port.
  • Castagneto a Tavola Between February and April in Castagneto Carducci a major gourmet show is held by the Etruscan Coast Wine Route and Slowfood association. The program includes wine and oil tasting, guided tours of wineries, conventions, exhibitions, special menus in restaurants and an exhibit/market of local products.

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Photos courtesy of: APT Costa degli Etruschi and Comune di Livorno

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