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Bella Umbria 
Cities guides, events, itineraries and last minute. Listings for hotels, country houses, restaurants, theaters and museums. Any Umbria typical product: food, art reproductions, antiques, ceramics and books about the region.

Castiglione del Lago 
Official web site of Castiglione del Lago: historical tour, hotels, restaurant...

Comune di Perugia 
Official web site of the Perugia's Municipal Government.

Comune di Terni 
Official web site of the Terni's Municipal Government.

Provincia di Perugia 
Official web site of the Perugia's Provincial Authorities: info, news, contacts...(Site in Italian only)

Provincia di Terni 
Official web site of the Terni's Provincial Authorities.

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Alla Posta dei Donini Perugia

Borgo Saint George Terni

Hotel Vega Perugia

La Locanda della Quercia Calante Terni


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