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Since the past, this territory has always played a very important rule. In fact, it was an important dealing and cultural junction. A flourishing past is visible even today, thanks to some old remains. Two settlements of the Iron Age (Chassan and Mount Tantané), some traces of the ancient Consular Route of the Gaul with two hazardous bridges in Saint-Vincent and in Chatillon, the castles of Cly, Chatillon and Ussel, the Saluard fortress in the hamlet Marseiller in Verrayes and the "Baron Gamba" residential building in Chatillon bear witness to a flourishing past. Both in summer and in winter, the offer is so wide that also the most demanding tourist will be satisfied. In the hot season, it is impossible to resist temptation of a walk in the mountains, walking down the paths recently arranged by the Mountain Community. The Man is alone with the Mountain: unnatural silences leave him the possibility to discover some enchanting pictures and to admire a flora and a fauna which are still intacted. Worth separate mention is the route called "The Great Mount Cervino Balcony" : a trekking tour by stages ring, which includes five villages of the territory. The background is very charming: Mount Cervino, Les Grandes Murailles and the Breithorn always looking at you.
Twelve are the tesserae of this many-coloured mosaic. So many are the villages of the Mountain Community (Antey-Saint-André, Chambave, Chamois, Emarèse, La Magdeleine, Pontey, Saint-Denis, Saint-Vincent, Torgnon, Valtournenche and Verrayes) and a route aimed at their discovery can be considered like a pot-pourri in which history, art, rural architecture, flora, fauna, agriculture and tourism are mixed in a perfect harmony. Valtournenche is situated at 1524 m above sea level, 18 km far away from Chatillon and 9 km from Breuil-Cervinia, and thanks to the lift connection with this one represents a unique and immense skiing area. If you wish to make a skiing excursion you'll certainly find plenty of opportunities as Valtournenche represents the perfect place for it. Here, were born some of the most famous mountain guides of the Matterhorn area, strong and brave alpine people who went around the world to climb some of the highest peaks ever known.
Chatillon, situated at the beginning of the Matterhorn Valley is very easy to reach. Chatillon offers all comforts: hotels, restaurants, shops, entertainments and the opportunity of going to the nearby "Casino' de la Vallée", a modern casino' located a few kilometres away in St. Vincent.
If you like skiing you can't miss Cervinia, an experience you won't forget for sure. There's the mythical sight of the Matterhorn, "the most famous rock in Europe", in such a way described by a charmed guest. An incredible skiing area at your disposal. Plenty of slopes connected with Valtournenche and Zermatt. All the most recent and up-to- date lift facilities avoid the danger of long tiresome queues.
The chance to reach very high areas, like Plateau Rosà at 3480 metres and the Little Matterhorn at 3883 metres, allows you to enjoy spectacular views. The different kind of slopes, able for any level, are always very well prepared due to the usual copious snow falls and to the snow making machines. In addition, you can practice cross-country skiing, ice-skating and swimming in warm and covered swimming-pools.
Snow-white slopes rich in forests and plenty of sun. Situated in the best sun position of all the Matterhorn Valley, Torgnon has the chance to be in such a place where the sun is quite common for many hours a day during the winter season. In this pleasant area you can find also very good skiing opportunities thanks to one cable-car, 5 ski-lifts, and one chair-lift that allow you to reach the 2100 meters of the top. The downhill skiing courses are for any level of skier as well as the tracks for cross-country. These last ones are the longest of the all valley and give you the chance of choosing between long, till 20 km, and short rings starting from 2 kilometres long.
Antey is a sort of scenary with plenty of nice small houses surrounded by an intact and relaxing environment. From here you can enjoy the first amazing view of the Matterhorn, a mythical image that, since last century, striked the fantasy of some brave travellers. Situated at 1081 metres above sea level, at 9 kilometres only from the motorway exit and at 20 from Breuil-Cervinia, Antey has the great chance of being near to mostly of the local skiing resorts and it offers a pleasant and peaceful welcome.

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