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Hotel Villa Alberti 
Comfortable and elegant Venetian villa, surrounded by a luxuriant garden, is situated in a quiet site just a few minutes from Venice and Padua and the most prestigious and magnificent villas in the Riviera del Brenta.

Hotel Gallimberti 
Located in Malcontenta, in the venetian mainland, the Hotel gallimberti is very close to the historical center and to the the other artistic cities of Veneto.His restaurant is famous for its dishes of fish.

Hotel Leon D'Oro 
Quiet and comfortable the Leon D'Oro hotel is rich in history; it was used for the rest and retirement of the Franciscan fathers.

Ristorante Hotel Villa GoŽtzen 
Situated at a few minutes from Venice and Padua near the Riviera del Brenta. (site in italian only)

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