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Rome's brilliant mosaics: an itinerary between golden Byzantine basilicas

This Rome is probably less known than Saint Peter and the Colosseum, Spain Square and Venice Square, or shopping along Corso and Condotti streets...

Rome, discovering a silent and shiny heritage

Strolling in Rome means capturing its soul, amongst age-old buildings, splendid monuments and numerous churches...

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Rome is, together with Milan, the city where most cultural events such as exhibitions, concerts and shows take place in Italy. Our guide to Rome suggests a list of regular events that take place in the city each year. Keep in mind the fact that if you want to plan a trip to Rome in a period when one of these events is taking place, you should book a hotel in Rome well in advance.

  • Roma Europa Festival, September- October
    This has been an annual appointment since 1986 for modern art and theatre, music and dance, with artists from all over Europe appearing.
  • Festival Romics, October
    The Comics and Cartoon Festival: exhibitions, cartoon film showings and meeting with the most famous designers and publishing companies.
  • Roma Jazz Festival, October
    This annual festival totally dedicated to jazz music was organized for the first time in 1876. Italian and international artists all appear in concert.
  • Sana a Roma, April
    This Mediterranean Trade Fair for Natural Products has been organized for a few years now at the Rome Trade Fair District. Exhibitions of bio-products, conferences and tasting.
  • Estate Romana, from June to September
    This includes all kinds of events, from music to theater, literary meetings and cinema. Events that take place in the most characteristic places in Rome that attract the participation of thousands of artists from all over the world.
  • Donna Sotto le Stelle, July
    The annual Roman appointment with high fashion. Creations by the most famous fashion designers are modeled on a catwalk in a truly magnificent setting: on the Spanish Steps in Piazza di Spagna.

Many international musical events are organized in the new Rome Auditorium, a kind of City of Music that is located near the Olympic Village in the Flaminio area of the city. The Auditorium, that was designed by the famous architect Renzo Piano, comprises three large halls that hold a total of 5000 people, set amidst a park where a wonderful amphitheater has been built, together with some recording rooms.

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