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Brescia's most hidden treasure is brought to light

Brescia contains a hidden treasure trove, which after a long period of restoration has become today's City Museum...

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  • Fair of San Faustino and Giovita, 15 February. The city's largest fair, in honor of the city's patron saints. As many as 800 itinerant vendors, from all over Italy, invade the old town center with their stalls for an entire day.   Another entertaining and absorbing tradition is the Rogo della Vecchia, in the middle of Lent: a scarecrow full of firecrackers, Catherine-wheels and fireworks is burned accompanied by the applause of the crowd. The scarecrow represents the evils of daily local and national life.
  • International  Piano Festival from April to June Founded in 1964, it held in Brescia in the Teatro Grande and in Bergamo at the Teatro Donizetti. Each edition has a theme and the title of the 2005 edition was “Brahms: Symphonies and Concerts”.
  • Mille Miglia in April and May. A recreation of a historic automobile race. The route starts from Viale Venezia in Brescia and wends its way along the streets of half of Italy. The historic competition began in 1927 when Renzo Castagneto inaugurated the Freccia Rossa race that was run for 27 editions until 1957. Today, the competition is an incredible procession of antique cars and an excellent occasion to see the jewels of the most prestigious auto manufacturers as well as a world class that features the participation of many personalities of the international jet-set, and the world's of entertainment and sports.
  • Centomiglia beginning of September. An international regatta that has been held on Lake Garda since 1951. The most prestigious European sailing competition on internal waters with hundreds of teams participating. The regatta's departure and arrival point is the little port of Bogliacco, which is transformed into an international yachting center during the event.
  • La Giostra di Brescia mid-September. An historic reenactment of the celebrations held in 1497 on the occasion of the Queen of Cyprus's visit to her brother. The two days of the celebration include a procession of historic costumes, flag-tossing performances, horse races and, most of all, the opportunity to browse in the Medieval Market.
  • Festival of Franciacorta  17-19 September 2005. The festivals sixth edition will be held in the 16th-century Abbazia Olivetana of Rodengo Saiano. The festival has booths were you can taste more than eighty varieties of Franciacorta wine accompanied by an expert who provides advice on the best food combinations. There are guided tours of wine cellars and numerous other events. The festival is also a unique occasion for discovering the most enchanting places in Franciacorta.

Photos courtesy of: Provincia di Brescia – Assessorato Turismo, Comune di Brescia – Servizio Turismo

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