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Milan is considered to be the economic and cultural capital of Italy. A metropolis that has been the ideal setting for international events for decades, that attract professionals, artists and intellectuals from all over the world.
Our guide to Milan has chosen a few of the most important event that are regularly organized in the city. If you plan to visit Milan during one of these events, make sure you book your hotel in Milan well in advance (at least one month): the city is literally taken over by visitors and you risk not being able to find a room free!
  • Milan, Capital of Fashionfrom January to March and from September to October
    The National Chamber of Fashion was founded in 1958 in the Grand Hotel in Via Vittorio Emanuele. It is an association that has some of the most famous names from the Made in Italy world as its members. It aims to promote and enhance the value of Italian fashion in Italy and overseas.
    The Chamber of Fashion has organized events connected to the world of fashion for over forty years. During these events, Milan is overrun by top models, designers, journalists, actors and politicians, and become even more trendy if that is at all possible.
    The most important events are the ones dedicated to women’s fashion: in the months of February and March and September and October, the autumn/winter and spring/summer collection for the next year are presented. There are parties, concerts and other cultural events that surround the fashion shows.
    • Milano Moda Uomo (Men’s Fashion) autumn/winter (January)
    • Milano Moda Donna (Women’s Fashion) autumn/winter (February - March)
    • Milano Moda Donna (Women’s Fashion) spring/summer (September – October)
  • World Press Photofrom May to June
    Founded in Amsterdam in 1955, the World Press Photo Foundation is an independent international institution for non-profit photo-journalism. An exhibition is organized each year in Amsterdam that shows moving, sometimes disturbing pictures that show the most important events from the past year. This is the most prestigious exhibition in photo-journalism and the works, once they have been selected, cannot be censured by the structures that host them. This exhibition goes on a world tour and stops off, in May and June, in Corso Como 10 in Milan, the home of the famous Galleria Carla Sozzani. The exhibition is free to all.
  • Triennale di Milano
    Set up in 1923, with the intention of being the overview of the decorative arts and modern industries, and to stimulate relations between industry, production sectors and applied arts. The Triennale was soon found to be the mirror of artistic and architectural culture in Italy and one of the largest areas for viewing emerging trends. Its headquarters have been in the Palazzo dell’Arte in Parco Sempione since 1933. It has an overall surface area of 12,000 square meters. The exhibition space amounts to about 8000 square meters. In recent year, the Triennale has expanded its responsibilities to fashion and audiovisual communications. On the ground floor there is the “Galleria del Triennale” for temporary exhibitions – 1,500 square meters of exhibition space – designed by Gae Aulenti. There is also a permanent collection of Italian graphic, architectural and urban design.
  • Fiera degli "Oh bej, oh bej"December
    On December 7th and 8th, during one of the festivities to honor Sant’Ambrogio, the patron saint of the city, the Fiera degli “oh bei, oh bei” is organized around the Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio (link to things to see – churches and museums) that is one of the most moments of the year that any decent Milanese person eagerly awaits. During these two days there are market stalls of all kinds, some of them similar to the ones from Senigallia, flower stalls and sweet and cake stalls, all full of color that attract and amaze. The name of the fair comes from term that the stall owners used to catch the attention of the people passing by.
  • Craftsmen’s Fair - December
    This fair was started up in 1996 and was immediately a success. Attracting visitors that wanted to look for original ideas for their Christmas presents. Craftsmen’s skills are the main attraction of this market fair: products coming from all over Italy, and from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America too. the fair is a huge one and fully deserves its title as the largest event worldwide for craftsmen's products: 100,000 square meters of exhibition space, with representation from about 90 countries.
  • The Salone del mobile (Furniture fair) - April/May
    The Salone del Mobile takes up an exhibition area of more than 255,000 square meters inside the Milan Trade Fair District. It represents the products of more than 3100 of the most dynamic, creative companies on the international market and receives 260,000 visitors including economic and commercial operators, with more than 130,000 coming from 150 countries overseas. Alongside the trade fair, The Salone also promotes important side events, whose main aim is to enhance the role of design and to spread culture, and also to protect our artistic heritage.
  • La Scala Theater from December to November
    Opened in 1778, the La Scala Theater is one of the oldest, most important cultural institutions in Milan. It is still considered to be the temple of opera music today. During the theater season, it is possible to see operas, ballets and concerts.

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