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Turin and its royal past Discover the masterpieces of Baroque Architecture, admire its Egyptian antiquities, and more...

Travel in Italy. Villas, palazzi and fairy-tale castles, incredible hotels de charme…

Florence, the Chianti region, Lake Maggiore, these are just a few of the loveliest places once loved by the artists and writers...

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You will be astonished by the daring lines of a style that, from the late 17th century, transformed Turin into one of the capitals of Baroque art. Magnificent Royal Residences and imposing church domes bear witness to the greatness of architects such as Guarino Guarini, Filippo Juvarra and Ascanio Vitozzi. Turin is a city that became, from Roman camp and medieval town, the first capital of Italy, in 1861. Immerse yourself in the history of the period in a visit to Palazzo Carignano, where the magnificent chamber of the First Subalpine Parliament is still intact.
With its 40 museums, Turin can satisfy everyone's curiosity. The Museo Nazionale del Cinema housed in the truly astounding Mole Antonelliana, proposes an unforgettable adventure in the fascinating world of film, from shadow theatre to the latest of Hollywood's special effects. Then there is the GAM - Galleria Civica di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, which exhibits paintings by Chagall, Modigliani and Picasso among others. The Museo Egizio, the third in the world after the one in Cairo and the British Museum for the quantity and importance of the objects conserved: more than 30,000 pieces narrate 5000 years of history through art, religion and daily life in the time of the great pharahos. Located in the same building is the Galleria Sabauda which houses the work of Piedmontese Artists, together with Tuscan and Venetian masterpieces and precious Flemish and Dutch paintings.
Inside the Cathedral, Turin conserves one of the most important items for the Christian religion, the Holy Shroud, or sheet that is thought to have been wound around the body of Christ. The whole city is starred with churches and religious monuments: from the Sanctuary of the Consolata, a place of Marian worship that conserves endless ex-votos, to the Church of Corpus Domini built in memory of the so-called 'Miracle of Turin' which happened in 1453; from the Church of Maria Ausiliatrice, a large Salesian complex founded by Don Giovanni Bosco, to the Basilica of Superga, built to fulfil a vow expressed by Prince Eugene of Savoy.
Turin is the capital of the wines, both red and white, that perfectly match its traditional dishes. Do not miss the rich flavour of agnolotti, bollito [boiled meats] and the exquisite dessertsŠ a and for those with a sweet tooth, the city's special chocolates, giandujotti, are a must.
Discover the pleasure of coffee in all its forms - cappuccino, marocchino and above all the bicerin, a characteristic Turinese drink- while comfortably enveloped in the warm atmosphere of the city's historic cafés.
The aperitif ritual should not be missed either; it is not just a glass of vermouth, but also a moment for relaxing with friends while nibbling delicious savoury titbits.
Turin boasts 18 kilometres of arcades that criss-cross the city centre. They offer protection from both rain and hot summer sun, allowing you to admire in all comfort the windows of designer fashion and Italian design.
Wander through the stalls in Piazza della Repubblica, where the biggest open-air market in Europe is held; if you like antiques, do not miss the Gran Bal™n, the biggest flea market in the city; if, instead, you are keen on second-hand and antiquarian books, a walk down Via Po is a must.
Turin will surprise you with its millions of proposals both for day and night; each corner of the city is alive with a variety of meetings and initiatives: theatre, dance, shows of every kind, from the classical to the contemporary: not only big events, but also the pleasure of listening to live music in the city's many nightspots.
Turin will delight you with its romantic corners and evocative angles, so special for passing unforgettable moments, together with the lights of the city night: the lights of the moon and the lights of the candles illuminating restaurant tables on the hill or along the river.

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