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The old name of Jesolo was Equilo which come from the latin word equus=town of horses,and according to transcriptions also Equilio, Esquilio, Esulo, Lesulo, Jexollo and today Jesolo has its roots in the times of the Roman Empire as vicus (= village), on an island next to the mouth of the Piave: it was at the time one of the many places used by merchants in their journeys inside the lagoon, above all in winter, sheltered from winds (the Bora) and storms, on the way from Ravenna, port where the grain of the 9th Augustean Region called Aemilia was embarked, to the great town-fortress Aquileia, rampart of the Eastern Roman border.
Exposed to the continuous barbaric invasions (from the 5th Century on ), a part of the helpless inhabitants of Altino, Oderzo and of the areas around Treviso and Belluno, in their escape, following the river Piave, chose Jesolo as last refuge.
The first information about Jesolo as touristic centre go back to the end of the 19th Century when the first bathing establishment was opened on the beach in front of Piazza Marconi.After the Great War the touristic activity grew quickly and villas, holiday camps and hotels were build. In 1937 there were in Jesolo 47 licences of rooms for rent, 24 public facilities and 4 season hotels. After three years the rooms for rent were 11, the apartments were 57, in addition to 2 inns, 1 restaurants, 3 boarding-houses and 6 hotels. In 1938 the tourists were 10.780. In 1939 the rooms for rent were 20, the apartments and villas were 76, the inns were 5, boarding-houses 3 and hotels 8; but it is after World War II that Jesolo found its way in tourism. The lido (beach) of Jesolo drew the attention of Venetians and Lombards who had capitals to invest in the new development of tourism, and built hotels, apartments, camp-sites, wet docks and villas, but also shops, restaurants and sports-facilities.
Lido di Jesolo at a few kilometers from the enchanting Venice, with its 15 kilometres of fine dolomite sand, accomodates every year over 10 millions of tourists (including those who overnight and those who stay for the day) who spend their holidays making escursions in the greenery of the pinewood and in the encahting valleys of the lagoon, who entertain themselves in the modern discos, in the squares with hundreds of shows of every kind, the coloured fun fairs and above all Via Bafile, the longest pedestrian way in Europe.
With the twoCertificates UNI EN ISO 9002 and UNI EN ISO 14001 the town of Jesolo has begun an important course towards the global reorganization of the operative structure of the Town Hall and of the administration of the territory.
The target was, and still remains, to assure citizens, turistic entrepreneurs and turists of proper services which are at the same time efficient from the economic point of view, according to enterprise management criteria, and to get to a more careful and respectful administration of the enviroment, which represents the most important resource of the complex reality of Jesolo. The adoption of the Quality system allowed to conform to the new law, time, organization of complaints and quality of the services of the four departments involved in the system (urban planning, private building, collection of taxes, trade activities).
At the same time urged the necessity to find a more careful and respectful environmental administration which involved both citizens and turists. This was made possible thanks to the Environment Administration System which sees a razionalization of the collection of rubbish, a spread of the idea of recycling rubbish and a greater attention of those who give a service, towards the respect of the conventions with the Town Hall. Obtaining both the Certificates, and Jesolo is the first Town Hall in Italy to obtain both of them, is the first step towards the reorganization of Jesolo that the Administration has begun in these last years. The pledge is to extend the Quality System to all the Town Hall, not only the four departments that supply the citizens with the greatest number of services, preparing the way for the first steps necessary for the achievement of a proceeding of continuous improvement.
Eraclea Mare is a small seaside resort in a flourishing pinewood. It is ideal for every family and for people seeking a relaxing and peaceful holiday. The resort offers everything for a healthy and restful holiday, all within a few minutes' walk, mostly along fitness paths surrounded by greenery. Seeing from above, the coast is a sea of uninterrupted greenery. Houses and bungalow roofs peek through here and there, while on the horizon there is the tourist port and untouched natural beauty of the "Lagoon del Mort". Eraclea Mare greets its guests with the traditional Venetian welcome excellent cuisine, festivals, markets and country fairs. The proximity not only of Venice, but also many other historic centres, make the surrounding area ideal for excursions. The Territory Laboratory for Enviromental Education offers tourists advice and gives information on the local area's flora and fauna. At the local Tourist Board you will find very nice excursion's Guide Books. (Part of the Contents and the Images are gently given by APT Jesolo-Eraclea)

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