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About Liguria

Portofino & Tigullio Gulf Guide Italy

Portofino and the Tigullio Gulf are symbols representing Italy throughout the world. The coast is a sequence of fashionable resorts with their marinas, pastel-coloured houses, first-rate sports facilities and the seductive atmosphere of the Dolce Vita.But perhaps the most striking thing for the traveller is the beauty of the seascapes, with some of the most celebrated views in Italy, suspended between the intense blue of the sea and the green mountains.

Tourists can fulfil a wealth of pleasures: sea and sports fans have access to windsurfing facilities, sailing, tennis, golf, hiking, splendid seabeds, and plenty of beach facilities. Take a relaxing walk through the unique historical coastal town centres, stopping at fashionable boutiques and craft shops, or indulge yourself in the wonders of Ligurian art, landscape and gastronomy.

Getting there

The Tigullio Gulf is easy to reach thanks to a convenient rail and road network and its proximity to two international airports... >>>

History and culture

From the Republic of Genoa to the 1950s and the Dolce Vita...>>>

Places and charm

From Portofino to Moneglia through the other pearls of Tigullio...>>>

Eating and drinking

Essential Mediterranean cuisine, made of simple ingredients that come together to exalt each other in a symphony of flavours...>>>


Stroll around the jewellery shops, fashion boutiques and local craft shops. Lace, slateware and choice fabrics...>>>

Hotels and lodgings

Portofino and the Tigullio Gulf offer a vast choice of hotels of all categories...>>>


The Tigullio coast is brimming with all kinds of events, especially in the summer...>>>

La Dolce Vita

Since the 1950s, Portofino has been the symbol of the Dolce Vita, an exclusive and elegant arena in which to meet stars from show business...>>>

The Cinque Terre

Five enchanting medieval villages clutching to a breathtaking coastline; this corner of the earth has been nominated a World Heritage Site by Unesco...>>>

The Gulf of Poets

Travel from Portovenere to Lerici along the gulf whose beauty has been celebrated by poets, writers and artists who have stayed here...>>>

Photos courtesy of: APT Tigullio, APT Cinque Terre Golfo dei Poeti

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