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A city rich in art and a major seaport, of flourishing trade and commercial exchange, Genoa is one of the most surprising cities in Italy. Long ignored by conventional tourist routes, Genoa offers its visitors incredible attractions and a stunning artistic heritage.
Its medieval old town -- the biggest in Europe -- is an intricate labyrinth of alleyways, where among the shops, restaurants, and local stores, visitors can catch sight of the city's noble past in its 16th century palazzos, baroque edifices, and Romanesque churches, looming over the little piazzas.
The Columbus Celebration of 1992 inspired a huge project of urban restoration and renovation, restoring to the city an ancient source of pride: the area containing the Porto Antico (Old Port), the Aquarium, and the museum-rich Strada Nuova. Today this area stands as a testimony to Genoa's lively renewal.

Getting there and around

A very efficient road and train network that connects Genoa with the rest of Italy, leave alone "Cristoforo Colombo" International Airport... >>>

History and culure

Discover the history of the most powerful sea town of ancient times... >>>


San Lorenzo Cathedral, San Matteo, as well as the many other lesser known artistic masterpieces found everywhere in the city... >>>

Historical buildings and monuments

Walking around the city's historical center in search of the marvellous buildings of Genoa's aristocracy... >>>


Genoa has an incredible museum heritage, ranging from art to history to ship building, leave alone the biggest aquarium in Europe... >>>

Places and charm

From Renzo Piano's redesigned seafront to the "caruggi", a bewildering maze of twisting lanes that cross the oldest part of Genoa... >>>

Eating and drinking

The cuisine of Genoa uses very simple ingredients and a great variety of aromatic herbs, which combined together produce a superb flavor harmony... >>>


The main shopping corridors of Genoa are the streets that radiate out from Piazza De Ferraris... >>>

Hotels and lodging

Genoa offers a wide selection of lodgings at every level, according to your needs and your budget... >>>


Big Genoa Boat Show as well as a plethora of festivals attract thousands of locals and tourists each year... >>>

La Dolce Vita

It's easy to go out and enjoy yourself in Genoa. There is an abundance of restaurants and nightspots to satisfy every taste... >>>

A special day

Two day-trips to the immediate surroundings of Genoa: the picturesque marine town of Nervi and a train trip into the hinterland valleys on the Genoa-Casella narrow-gauge railway... >>>

The western Riviera

Let's explore the Riviera della Palme, from Genoa out to Alassio. The consistently mild climate makes it enjoyable to visit this area even out of season... >>>

Photos courtesy of: Apt Genoa - Primocanale

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