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Trip outside the city: Noto

Trip outside the city: Noto

The area around Siracusa offers several occasions for interesting trips outside the city to discover both culture and nature.
After the terrible earthquake that shook Eastern Sicily in 1693, many cities were rebuilt and became even more beautiful and attractive than before. This was the case of the cities in the Val di Noto area, that are considered to be the top of Sicilian Baroque style and which for this reason have been included by UNESCO in their prestigious, coveted World Heritage List.

We have chosen an excursion for you that you must not miss, due to the extreme beauty of the place and its high artistic value: Noto, the pearl of Sicilian Baroque style. This wonderful city is about 32 km from Siracusa, standing high on a rocky area about 160 meters above sea level. Noto strikes you immediately due to the extraordinary homogeneity of its town-planning: it was built to an octagonal plan and is crossed through by the main streets. This “stone garden”, as it is commonly called come, contains a never-ending number of Baroque monuments that appear on the streets and squares. The material most commonly used is limestone, which creates an extremely spectacular effect at sunset, when the sunlight brings out a pinkish hue from the majestic façades. The center of the town is Piazza Municipio, with its wonderful staircase that takes you up to the Cathedral of San Giorgio, surrounded by imposing Baroque buildings such as Palazzo Vescovile, Palazzo Ducezio and Palazzo Landolina di Sant'Alfano.
The most interesting event that is organized in the town is without a doubt the Infiorata. During the last week of May, Noto is literally covered in flowers: the roads, squares and courtyards are covered in pictures made from colored petals that form various subjects and patterns.

Not to be missed:
  • The flowering of almond trees that dominate the landscape from January to February, providing a wonderful, romantic sight;
  • A walk along Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Via Cavour to admire the masterpieces of the late Baroque period;
  • Lunch in one of the pretty restaurants in Noto, trying out “u macco” (broad bean rissoles), rabbit in “a stimpirata” style (cooked with vinegar, mint, olives and chili pepper) and Moscato di Noto with your dessert;
  • A coffee outside in Piazza dell’Immacolata and a pistachio-flavored ice-cream in Piazza Municipio.

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