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A special day

A special day

Our guide to Siracusa suggests a day dedicated to discovering the true heart of Siracusa: the Isle of Ortigia that is connected to the rest of the city by the Umbertino Bridge, where most of the museums, monuments and... restaurants in Siracusa are concentrated. This itinerary, which includes a visit to two museums, can easily be completed on foot.
We suggest you book at least one night in the hotel in Siracusa that you have chosen, so that you can have a full day to spend in this city bursting with art and history.
  • Morning
    Our itinerary begins in the charming Piazza Archimede, where all the cities main streets join up: Via Roma, Corso Matteotti and the wonderful Via delle Maestranze. The Square is surrounded by imposing Baroque buildings: Palazzo Platamone, which also includes elements of Catalan architecture, Palazzo Lanza, with its charming double lancet windows and Palazzo Gargallo. The splendid Artemide Fountain stands in the center of the square, a fountain that portrays the metamorphosis of the nymph Aretusa into a water source. You can have a coffee in the open-air for breakfast and then carry on exploring the island. We suggest you try an almond-based cake or a glass of fresh almond milk. The nuts are grown on the hills around Siracusa and are still processed according to ancient traditions.
    From Piazza Archimede walk down Via Malfitania until it meets up with Via Cavour. Turn right at the crossroads and carry on until you get to Piazza Duomo, that is located in the highest part of Ortigia, and where you can see the wonderful Cathedral, that was built on top of the remains of a Doric Temple dating back to the 5th century B.C. A short walk away there is also the Church of Santa Lucia, which is only opened to the public during the celebrations for the city’s patron saint (December 13th).
    Now head towards the sea to discover one of the city’s most fascinating places: the Fonte Aretusa, a fresh water source that is surrounded in myth and which has been the symbol of Siracusa since ancient times. Stop and get a taste of this place surrounded by nature, the large papyrus plants blowing in the wind and the fish that dash around the font. Talking of fish, it should be lunchtime by now! Choose one of the restaurants in Siracusa that is nearest to you and take a little time to enjoy a meal.
  • Afternoon
    After your tasty meal and a good cup of coffee to perk you up, you can carry on with your itinerary, walking along the characteristic Alfeo Promenade. At some point you will find yourself at the far end of Ortigia where the majestic Castello Maniace towers over you facing out to sea, surrounded by its high stone fortifications.
    After visiting the Castle, head towards the center once more, walking along the Levant Promenade until you get to Palazzo Bellomo, home to the interesting Regional Art Museum. At this point, after visiting the museum, we suggest you walk along the splendid Via delle Maestranze, where you can admire the wonderful Baroque palaces. To get to Via delle Maestranze from Palazzo Bellemo you must walk down the whole length of Via Roma as far as Piazza Archimede, where it meets up with Via delle Maestranze.
  • Evening
    A romantic, relaxing walk at dusk, an aperitif in one of the clubs in Ortigia, including the open-air ones in Piazza Archimede or in Piazza Duomo. It is up to you how to continue your evening: you can choose one of the several restaurants in Siracusa nearby and try out the city’s most typical dishes. We recommend an antipasto with polipo bollito (boiled octopus), a first course of spaghetti with fresh tuna fish and Pachino cherry tomatoes and then a second course of fresh tuna stewed with vegetables.
    You can carry on your evening in a club, perhaps one of those on the coast. Nights in Siracusa are to be discovered!

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