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About Tuscany

The Man who Stole the Mona Lisa

Some say the motive was to take her back to Italy, to her home in Florence, others say it was for love and still others for money but the fact is that one day...

Florence combines tradition and modern times

When you reach Florence by train you will get a truly unique experience...

Grosseto & Maremma Guide Italy

The Maremma is one of the most fascinating areas of Tuscany, with its own strong, wild character that is very different from the normal Tuscan landscape. It is a variegated landscape, gentle and harsh at the same time: dense beech and oak forests alternate with olive groves and plains of wheat and sunflowers. The Maremma is one of the least populous parts of Italy, a place of large spaces where herds wander in a state of nature. Even the coast is very varied: long sand beaches, forests that descend to the sea, steep rocks and pristine islands. In these suggestive glimpses of landscape, the visitor suddenly finds himself before a spectacle of medieval villages, fortresses, mighty bastions and ancient cathedrals and monasteries.

Getting there

Grosseto and the Maremma are within easy reach thanks to the region's central position... >>>

History and culture

You will discover the tormented history of Italy's Far West... >>>

Churches palaces and monuments

The discovery of extraordinary cities still unknown to mass tourism: Grosseto and the other gems of the Maremma, ancient fortresses, fortified cities, a land of brigands and centers of faith... >>>

Eating and drinking

Maremma cooking is simple and linked to peasant traditions; genuine and very tasty, it is divided into two distinct areas: the coast and the hinterland. And the area produces aristocratic wines such as Morellino di Scansano... >>>


Crafts and gastronomic products are the stars of Maremma shopping: ceramics, handworked leather, wild boar prosciutto ham and much more... >>>

Hotels and lodgings

Grosseto and the Maremma offer a broad choice of lodging of all types and categories, in the city, at the seashore and in the marvelous countryside: for more information... >>>


The most interesting events in the Maremma, from culture to cinema and from folklore to medieval festivals, all in one click ... >>>

La Dolce Vita

Rural, chic or romantic: three proposals for experiencing the most typical environments of the Maremma ... >>>

Beaches, marinas and nature reserves

Visiting the Maremma always means visiting nature. A clear sea, sandy beaches, sheer cliffs overlooking the sea and islands of rare beauty. And don't forget the Parco Naturale della Maremma ... >>>

Saturnia hot springs and the Tufa Towns

A visit to an enchanted land populated by fairies, wizards and brigands, where you will be strongly tempted to wander without a precise goal, letting yourself be carried away by the emotions of the landscape ... >>>

The Islands of Giglio and Giannutri

An excursion to the southernmost islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, a paradise for those who love the sea and considered by divers to be one of the most important and spectacular sea bottoms in Italy... >>>

Photos courtesy of: Agenzia Turismo della Maremma & Municipality of Grosseto

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