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About Tuscany

The Man who Stole the Mona Lisa

Some say the motive was to take her back to Italy, to her home in Florence, others say it was for love and still others for money but the fact is that one day...

Florence combines tradition and modern times

When you reach Florence by train you will get a truly unique experience...

Florence Guide Italy

Florence is an open-air exhibition of art and culture. It is famous worldwide, the heart of the Renaissance period and the home of the fine arts and literature. Florence has powerful symbols of Italian and European culture in every nook and cranny, to the extent that it is hard to identify this city with just one symbol. It may be the sculpture of David by Michelangelo, or perhaps the romantic Ponte Vecchio, or Giotto’s bell tower, but Florence could also be represented by famous people such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo or Dante Alighieri, to name but a few.

Getting there

Getting to Florence is very easy from any Italian city since the city is an important railway and highway center... >>>

History and culture

In our tourists’ guide to Florence there had to be a section dedicated to the history of this wonderful city. Let’s discover it together... >>>

Churches and Museums

We have chosen some of the most beautiful Churches and most interesting museums in Florence, for you to admire the masterpieces by Giotto, Cimabue, Michelangelo, Brunelleschi... >>>

Places and charm

Wandering around the city, discovering the hidden wonders and the most charming spots in Florence... >>>

Eating and Drinking

Florentine cooking is linked to a tradition of simple dishes prepared with genuine, tasty but plain ingredients, which has recently been reconsidered by the world of more sophisticated cuisine... >>>


Florence has an antique tradition of craftwork: once upon a time, every area of the city was characterized by a particular kind of work: the sculptors’ studios, the leather goods makers, the blacksmiths and the goldsmiths... >>>

Hotels and lodgings

There are several types of accommodation available, depending on your budget: hostels to hotels: Florence has them all... >>>


Florence is a lively city, full of local and international artistic and cultural events... >>>

La Dolce Vita

To get to know Florence, to become a part of the multi-faceted spirit of this city, you need to do more than just visit the museums, see the churches, palaces and monuments... >>>

A special day

For all those people in a rush due to their busy schedules, but who don’t want to miss out on the pleasures of life, travelplan.it has dedicated a Florence itinerary with a morning-evening agenda... >>>

Shopping in Florence

For fashion addicts and fashion victims who are already familiar with the city and who are planning another stay in Florence, here is a made-to-measure itinerary... >>>

Three places less than 40 km from Florence

The area surrounding Florence is an excellent opportunity to relax, learn about things, enjoy oneself and make your taste buds happy... >>>

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