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Palermo Guide Italy

A special day

A special day

Just 24 hours for visiting and getting to know the city. Not an easy task, but if you follow our tourists’ guide to Palermo you will use your time as well as possible, putting aside that sense of hurry and anxiety that you won’t be able to see everything you want to. For those of you with just one free day, we have created a personalized tour, tiring but that can be done even by those who aren’t exactly used to heavy exertion.
  • Morning
    Our itinerary starts in the heart of the old city center, at Quattro Canti, a square that has four magnificent eighteenth-century palaces with convex façades looking down onto it. From there you can walk to Piazza Pretoria where you can see the fountain of the same name and the Municipal building.
    From Piazza Pretoria go on to Via Vittorio Emanuele and take a bus or taxi to go to the Cathedral Square. After admiring this splendid piece of architecture and the treasures kept inside it, go on to (by bus or taxi) the majestic Palazzo dei Normanni. We suggest you visit the palace another time and this time dedicate your time to the Cappella Palatina, one of the most beautiful churches in the world.
    It must now be time for lunch. Have a rest and choose one of the restaurants in Palermo in this area. Try some local Palermo dish, such as pasta con le sarde, and then try some caponata and finish off with a swordfish and mint roulade.
  • Afternoon
    This part of the day will be dedicated to discovering Arabic Palermo, mostly concentrated in the Kalsa quarter of the city, formerly known by the Arabic name of “al-halisah”, that means the elected one. The true heart of the Kalsa is the square that carries the same name, surrounded by splendid buildings such as Palazzo Abatellis and Santa Maria dello Spasmo and by an intricate network of alleys. If you are not too inebriated by the smell of spices and kebabs after walking through this picturesque area, you can visit the wonderful Museo delle Marionette that is nearby, near Piazza Santo Spirito, that you can walk to from Palazzo Abbatellis.
  • Evening
    An exotic cocktail in an Arabic-style wine bar, a fresh fish-based dinner washed down with good Sicilian wine, a romantic walk along the seafront and then a well-earned rest in the hotel in Palermo that you have chosen, to recover your tired legs

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