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About Sicilia

Travel in Italy. Villas, palazzi and fairy-tale castles, incredible hotels de charme…

Florence, the Chianti region, Lake Maggiore, these are just a few of the loveliest places once loved by the artists and writers…

The seasons of Taormina, between the deep blue sea and picturesque handicrafts

Set between sea and sky, a precious gem that literati and poets of all times have translated into amazing verses and astonishing prose, Taormina is magic, always...

Taormina Guide Italy

Taormina stands 200 meters above sea level and looks down onto the Ionian Sea like a terrace, the prettiest you have ever seen. Over the centuries, this place has fascinated wretched poets and writers and restless painters who decided to put down roots here, maybe so they could purify themselves by being in contact with such beauty and Nature or attracted by the unique, refreshing climate that makes it seem like it is always springtime.
An emotion that takes your breath away is what comes to everyone when they see the Greek-Roman Theater, this unbelievable work by mankind that stands on the mountain and from where one’s gaze drops down to the deep blue sea and to Etna, an unsettling presence that manages to stay in harmony with the landscape.

Getting there

Taormina is Sicily's main tourist destination; it is well serviced by important roads as well as by train and is also conveniently reachable by plane... >>>

History and culture

In our tourists’ guide to Taormina there just had to be a section about the tormented history of this wonderful city. Let’s find out about it together... >>>

Churches and Museums

The oldest, most charming churches and the most interesting museums in Taormina that will help us learn about the cultural traditions linked to these places... >>>

Historical buildings and monuments

The most fascinating historical buildings and monuments in Taormina: ancient fortresses and aristocrats’ palaces... >>>

Food and drink

From breakfast with the famous granita al caffè to sword-fish dishes... >>>


You can find all the typical craftsmen’s products made in Sicily in Taormina... >>>

Hotels and lodgings

If you want to choose a hotel in Taormina there is no end to your choice: there are a multitude of solutions in this city, from five star hotels to guesthouses... >>>


The annual events that are organized in Taormina, the most famous being the Taormina Film Festival... >>>

La Dolce Vita

Taormina, city of art and a seaside resort, a place that fascinates and enraptures you, that seduces you and ties you to it, is still an elitist tourist resort today... >>>

A special day

24 hours for discovering Taormina... >>>

Isola Bella, the Alcantara River Park and Castelmola

Two natural oases and a charming village near Taormina that are really worth spending a little time to visit... >>>

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