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Trentino is one of the two indipendent provices in which the Trentino Alto Adige region is divided, the other one is the German-speaking Alto Adige (SudTirol in German). These two provinces, that differ in culture, language and traditions, have a legislative and administrative autonomy recognized by the Constitution of the Italian Republic. The autonomy, a form of advanced self-government, is a social condition strongly felt by the population.
Lying in the heart of the Alps, the italian-speaking Trentino, of italian traditions and culture, is richly endowed with unique gifts of nature: its mountains have been cut by glaciers into several deep, broad valleys, many of which face south remaining warm and sunny, even in winter. Trentino shares with Alto Adige a marvel of the Alps: the Dolomites. The Dolomites are unique mountains because the sun's rays give the rocks a fiery red glow at dawn and sunset, a phenomenum called "enrosadira". Peaks like the Torri del Vajolet or Campanil Basso di Brenta are known everywhere, and not only by mountaineers. The French maestro Le Corbusier defined these mountains, that emerged from the Thetis sea 250 million years ago causing a great upheaval of the earth's crust, as "the most beautiful work of architecture in the world". Water, wind and ice have sculptured the rocks over thousands of years to produce the present impressive line of peaks (many over 3 thousand metres high), pinnacles and spires.

The Dolomites can be considered one of the most famous tourist destination of the Alps both in winter and in summer. In winter it offers a ski carousel between one ski area and the next along 600 km of downhill runs (and 480 km of cross-country tracks), served by 300 modern ski lifts and with groomed pistes for all abilities covered with snow thanks to 2,500 snow-making facilities. Events and activities in the heart of the Dolomites and in the nature parks for a balance between the mountain environment and mental and physical well-being, the relationship between art and culture, and a chance to discover the goodness of the wine and the food: these are the main ingredients of a summer-holiday in Trentino.
Among the several events that take place in summer we have to remember "Vinum Bonum" and "The Sounds of the Dolomites". Thanks to "Vinum Bonum", every summer, twenty-five wineries open their doors to invite tourists in for guided tours and displays, tastings and meetings with musicians performing against the unusual backdrop of wine casks and bottles. A winning formula which over the last three years has proved immensely popular with music fans and wine lovers alike.
"The Sounds of the Dolomites" is a series of concerts devised and organised by the A.P.T. del Trentino. The extraordinary backdrop of the Dolomites becomes the unusual but ideal stage for soloists and groups of international stature who can thus experiment with a new approach to music and to their instruments, establishing an immediate rapport with the audience. And naturally all this with full respect for the environment and for the rules that govern any excursion into the mountains.

Because of its geographic position between northern Europe and the Mediterranean, Trentino has always been a land of encounter and exchange on this route taken by populations since the Paleolithic and Mesolithic eras, as its history, interesting traditions, museums, castles and churches show. Among the several monuments of the Trentino's valleys the Castles are the most impressive. Indeed, this small patch of land that pushes its way into the Alps and that has always acted as bridge between the Mediterranean (Latin) world and the nordic (Germanic) one, is disseminated with a large number of castles. Populations and military troops alike have repeatedly crossed through these valleys in the centuries, and the signs of these migrations have remained. Arrogant noblemen and powerful princes have written their name for eternity in the stones of their manor-fortresses. The traveller who yields to the charm of Castel Beseno, or of Castel Thun, of Castello del Buonconsiglio or of Rocca di Arco - just to mention a few – will discover the fascinating history of Trentino preserved forever in their structure.
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