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A front for many months during the Great War, Rovereto has a real sense of Peace. This is reinforced every evening with its hundred tollings on the Miravalle Hill by "Maria Dolens", an enormous bell fused with the bronze from the cannons. In Rovereto the scene is made up of illustrious buildings that tell of antique experiences and fine customs: Palazzo Piomarta, Palazzo Fedrigotti and naturally Palazzo Rosmini, but also the memory of arts and crafts: Contrada della Terra, Piazza del Grano, the antique spinning mill of via Tartarotti. Furthermore there are interesting churches like Chiesa del Redentore (1656) and Chiesa di San Marco (1462) in Piazza San Marco. A XV Century Castle dominates the town and it can be reached from Piazza del Podestà. It was a Venitian Castle and now it houses the Museo Storico della Guerra (A War Muse um). Another charming historical centre is Ala. Born as Roman Town, it has always been a strategic corridor in economic and military terms. It has a long history but only during the 17th and 18th centuries, Ala riched the peak of economic splendour and intense cultural ferment thanks to the breeding of silkworms, and to the production of silk velvets. Between the late 19th and the early 20th century Ala became an international station: the presence of the Italian and Austrian offices; major shipping companies and hotels meant revival for the city. of and other populated valley and mountainous areas, give witness to the traces of gifts that come from far off. Among the several palazzos which embellish this little Trentino's Perl, there are the de Pizzini Palaces. One of them, known as the "new house" for it was built in the early 18th century with a view to welcome famous visitors, is one of the most outstanding examples of Baroque architecture in the entire Vallagarina. Among the many visitors who spent time there it is worth mentioning Francis Joseph I and Maria Theresa of Austria, as well as many emperors and princes, scholars and artists such as Mozart who stayed here in his many journeys to Italy.
The Brentonico Highland, only 15 kms from Rovereto, is a preferred destination for its mild climate and smooth landscape. Very well served with sporting and open air facilities, it allows sports lovers to enjoy their favourite sport in total freedom. In its towns, found on wide sunny terraces, the long tradition of hospitality goes hand in hand with the demand for a modern and efficient tourist service.
The Val di Gresta is a beautiful south facing valley which, thanks to its proximity to the Lake Garda, enjoys a pleasant and mild climate. It is triangular in shape with the lowlands of Loppio (220 metres) as its base and Mount Stivo (2050 metres) as its summit. This valley is famous for the organic agricolture producing. In the 1970s, an associative structure for the farmers was potentialised, headed by a Vegetable Farming Society which is responsible for the farming methods used, conservation and sale of the products. (Images and Contects kindly given by the APT Rovereto e Vallagarina)

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