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Rome's brilliant mosaics: an itinerary between golden Byzantine basilicas

This Rome is probably less known than Saint Peter and the Colosseum, Spain Square and Venice Square, or shopping along Corso and Condotti streets...

Rome, discovering a silent and shiny heritage

Strolling in Rome means capturing its soul, amongst age-old buildings, splendid monuments and numerous churches...

Rome Guide Italy

Rome, the Eternal City, Rome Caput Mundi. A unique city worldwide because of the completely opposite styles of art and life that manage to live side by side there: Imperial Rome and Baroque Rome, sophisticated Rome and working-class Rome.
Places to discover and get to know in our guide to Rome, choosing one of the tourist itineraries that we have to offer you.
You will also have detailed tourist information about
hotels in Rome, clubs and restaurants, cultural events and about all the places to go shopping.

Getting there

Rome is located approximately in the middle of the Italian peninsula and therefore is easily reached either from the north or from the south of the country... >>>

History and culture

In our tourists’ guide to Rome there just had to be a section dedicated to the history of this amazing city, let’s discover it together... >>>

Churches and Museums

There is no end to the choice of Churches, Galleries and Museums in Rome. Our guide to Rome suggests a selection of them that you just can’t miss... >>>


All the monuments from the Imperial era that can still be seen today: the Coliseum, the Domus Aurea, the Roman Forum and the Pantheon... >>>

Squares and fountains

The most splendid squares in Rome and the most famous fountains. The best way to get to know this incredible city is to walk around these places and admire the Baroque masterpieces, first of all the Trevi Fountain... >>>

Palaces, Villas and gardens

The majestic Republican Palaces, the lavish late-Renaissance residences and the wonderful gardens of Rome: the Quirinale, Villa Borghese, il Pincio... >>>

Eating and Drinking

Simple, with strong flavors, overflowing with dressings and anything but low-calorie. Traditional Roman cooking is made up of simple and meager ingredients... >>>


From Via Condotti to the outlets outside the city center: the fashion streets and the streets full of craftsmen’s shops and laboratories... >>>

Hotels and lodgings

If you want to stay in Rome there are several types of accommodation to choose from. Depending on your budget you can choose the type of accommodation in Rome that suits you best... >>>


Rome is a city where several cultural events take place: exhibitions, concerts, shows. Let’s take a look at all the events organized in Rome... >>>

La Dolce Vita

The excitement of an evening spent in Trastevere, in the "underground" clubs and lounge bars. The Roman nights are full of surprises... >>>

A weekend full of experiences

If you are really busy and don’t have much time, but you don’t want to miss out on the pleasures of life, here is the Rome itinerary created just for you... >>>

A virtual trip

We will take you on a virtual trip to discover Rome through the eyes of artists and intellectuals who have loved, played and represented the city... >>>

Trips outside the city’s gates, from Ostia to Frascati

The area around Rome is full of opportunities to learn more about this complex city. Knowledge that ranges from archaeology to art and even the art of wine-making... >>>

Shopping in Rome

This compendium of Roman shopping is dedicated to all shopping lovers. From the top designer names to the local markets, taking a look at the new frontier in shopping that is halfway between chic and cheap: outlets... >>>

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