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  • Holy Week. From the previous Thursday to Holy Friday the traditional ritual processions of Holy Week take place in the historic center of the city. The most impressive is the evening procession of Giovedi Santo (Holy Thursday). During this time, the Genoese carry on the tradition of entering churches (the number of churches visited must always be an odd number) in the historic center to visit the "Sepolcri", altars richly decorated for the occasion.
  • Euroflora - end of April, every 5 years. This is the most important Italian flower nursery exposition (800 exhibitors), attracting more than 500,000 visitors over the 11 days of the exposition. It's a fantastic voyage through the colors, shapes, and scents of plants and flowers from every corner of Italy and the world. The next expo is scheduled for 2011.
  • Boat race of the Maritime Republics - in June. Since 1955, this race has evoked the ancient rivalry between the Medieval maritime cities that once dominated the Mediterranean: Genoa, Amalfi, Pisa, and Genoa. The boats are identical in type, each with 8 rowers, and differentiated only by color and insignia. The competition takes place every year, rotating among each of the four cities in turn. In 2008, the event will return to Genoa.
  • Suq a Genova - in June, at the Porto Antico. Suq a Genova is a 10-day festival of multiethnic cultures in a unique setting. It has an exotic market, classes in ethnic dance and cuisine, workshops for kids, and best of all, shows and literary events.
  • International Poetry Festival - in June. This is the principal Italian poetry festival (Genoa the city of Montale): packed with meetings, lectures, performances and conferences, and held in impressive locations around Genoa. Well-known names and new voices participate in poetry from around the world, with a program that tends more toward experimentation than tradition.
  • San Giovanni Battista. June 24 marks the beginning of the celebrations in honor of Genoa's patron saint: Saint John the Baptist. On the eve of the festival, Genoa comes alive with games in the piazzas and fireworks. On the day of the 24th, a solemn procession begins from the Cathedral to the Porto Antico, where the Cardinal blesses the sea with relics of the saint.
  • Goa Boa Festival - starting in July. The biggest rock and hip hop festival in Liguria. The cast of Goa Boa is always large and incredibly varied -- three days of concerts with high-profile performers, Italian and international.
  • Gezmataz Festival - end of July. A jazz improvisation festival. These concerts are held at the Arena del Mare, on Genoa's piazza by the sea, which was designed and built by Renzo Piano.
  • Festival Musicale del Mediterraneo between July and August. An incredible gathering, bringing together popular music and traditions, and an abundance of shows and concerts from different parts of the world. Each year the event is centered on a specific theme. The concerts are held in the Porto Antico in Genoa, near the Aquarium.
  • Theater festival "In Una Notte d'Estate" - between July and August. The piazza San Matteo and the ancient cloister in the heart of the historic city center are the setting for this rich theatrical program, set around a different theme each year.
  • Festa dell'Unità Every year, between the end of August and September, Genoa's Fiera del Mare hosts the traditional festival of the Italian Left. This event is well-known among the Genoese, and its main strength is in its music and performances. A satisfying program of concerts, theatrical shows, children's entertainment, ballo liscio (ballroom dancing)... Make sure not to miss the politics and culture area, with exhibits, conferences, and a substantial schedule of films.
  • La Paganiniana - in October. This is a revue of concerts and other events centered on the most celebrated Genoese violinist in history:
    Niccolò Paganini. Each year, the biggest international names in violin take part.
  • Genoa Boat Show - in October. This is the most important exposition in the city: displayed on 290 thousand square meters are boats, accessories, instrumentation, clothing, and everything that makes the nautical world go 'round. More than 400 ships are displayed in the water, including 50 superyachts.
  • Science Festival - end of October. Over the last several years, Genoa, in collaboration with important European scientific institutes, inaugurated a grand festival dedicated to scientific knowledge, which has been a major success with the public. The festival includes around 250 events in 70 locations. This rich and varied program offers a 360 degree exploration of the world of science: interactive displays, workshops, conferences, shows, performances, special events and an incredible number of laboratories.
  • Circumnavigando. Festival of Clowns - in December. A huge festival dedicated to Nouveau Cirque and the art of the clown. Artists from around the world inhabit the piazzas of the historic city center, making passersby part of their urban theatre performances. Also scheduled are shows in a huge circular tent set up at the Porto Antico.

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