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La Dolce vita

La Dolce Vita

It's easy to go out and enjoy yourself in Genoa. There is an abundance of restaurants and eating establishments in the historical city center to satisfy every taste, from traditional Ligurian cuisine to more exotic ethnic and fusion culinary creations. In addition, the musical scene is always in a ferment, not to mention the summertime, when the city explodes into festivals and the seaside areas fill up with crowds.

Nozio recommends 4 areas where you can spend just the cocktail hour, or the entire evening:
  • Near the Piazza De Ferraris, there is a excellent selection of trattorias, restaurants and lounge bars in the area of via San Lorenzo, Piazza delle Erbe, Piazza San Donato and via Ravecca.
  • for a more "alternative" atmosphere, find your way to the area around via Garibaldi, on via Maddalena and all the adjacent alleyways.
  • The third alternative is still in the historic city center -- Porto Antico (the old port): here you will find the most "modern" version of Genoa: the multi-screen Cineplex, ice skating rink and abundant shops, restaurants and the most fashionable nightclubs, like the Fronte del Porto or the Banano Tsnunami.
  • Corso Italia: many destinations for cocktails, dinner, and after-dinner along the promenade: Mako, BBQ, Mae Ma, Mucca Bar, or some romantic little restaurant at Boccadasse.

Theatre: the Teatro Carlo Felice is Genoa's temple of classical music, opera, and ballet. For spoken-word theatre, there are many other theatres in Genoa with programs ranging from the classics to experimental theatre.

To listen to good live music in Genoa, try these excellent venues: for the world of jazz , try the Louisiana Jazz Club and the Borgoclub. For rock, pop, and indie, go to the Madeleine Cafe or the Senhor do Bonfim (at Genova Nervi).

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