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Immerse oneself in the Eternal City
The cradle of western civilization and the heart of Christianity, Rome is the city with most masterpieces in the world...

Discover Venice with us!
The Hotel Torino is situated in the heart of Venice, near the luxurious boutiques of Calle XXII Marzo and just a one minute's walk from the spectacular St. Mark's Square...

Exploring Venezia's hidden treasures

Travelplan takes you to a little-known Venice, on the traces of ancient foreign communities from centuries past...

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Art Cities

From the northern snow-clad Alps to the Southern seas, Italy has always been a malting pot of cultures, languages, traditions; a complex universe of distinctive lanscapes and colours...
Italy Hotel More than anything else, the fascination that Agrigento holds for tourists comes...continue
Italy Hotel "Marca Trevigiana's pearl" is a town dating back to pre-Roman times, located in a...continue
Italy Guide Situated in one of the most characteristic spots in Umbria on a spur of Mount Subasio... continue
Italy Hotel Bologna is an age-old city, full of character, which is described well by its traditional epithets...continue
Italy Hotel Brescia, called “the lioness of Italy”, is a dynamic, hardworking city whose inhabitants...continue
Italy Hotel An ancient, medieval and then finally Baroque city, often attacked by the violence of nature...continue
Italy Hotel In the world, Florence means Renaissance and Humanism which gave marvellous...continue
Italy Hotel The Maremma is one of the most fascinating areas of Tuscany, with its own strong,...continue
Italy Guide History and the sea have made Livorno one of the most unique cities in Italy and certainly the most open... continue
Italy Guide Milan has a prominent past and an extremely dynamic present: centre of fashion... continue
Italy Hotel Napoli is considered, for historical importance, tradition and nobility... continue
Italy Guide Better known as the city of St. Anthony, it boasts the third oldest University in the world... continue
Italy Guide A city that contains centuries of different kinds of culture: Arabs, Normans, the French... continue
Italy Guide Pisa, renowned worldwide for its Leaning Tower, definitely deserves more than the usual... continue
Italy Guide Ragusa is the meeting point between Baroque and popular culture... continue
Italy Guide Ravenna probably dates to the second millenum B.C. It was the base for the roman... continue
Italy Guide Today, the city of Rome in fact offers a brand new face to travellers, tourists... continue
Italy Guide A wonderful city that is the home of some of the most precious medieval art... continue
Italy Guide Siracusa, a city with a glorious past that was a worthy rival of Athens, Carthage... continue
Italy Guide Land of colors and fragrances, birthplace of Torquato Tasso, retreat for such artists... continue
Italy Guide Taormina stands 200 meters above sea level and looks down onto the Ionian Sea like... continue
Italy Guide You will be astonished by the daring lines of a style that, from the late 17th century... continue
Italy Guide Treviso is a city to discover on foot, its charm can be witnessed by passing under the arcades... continue
Italy Guide Let us take you around Venice’s six Sestieri: you’ll be surprised... continue
Italy Guide Its historical centre boasts many magnificient Roman ruins, second only to Rome... continue
Italy Guide The origins of Vicenza reach back into distant epochs. The Paleoveneti settled there... continue

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